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Blinds On Line

blinds on line

    on line
  • While so connected or under computer control

  • connected to a computer network or accessible by computer; "an on-line database"

  • on-line(a): being in progress now; "on-line editorial projects"

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  • The blinds are forced bets posted by players to the left of the dealer button in flop-style poker games. The number of blinds is usually two, but can be one or three.

  • window coverings, especially vertical blinds, wood blinds, roller blinds, pleated blinds

  • Cause (someone) to be unable to see, permanently or temporarily

  • Deprive (someone) of understanding, judgment, or perception

  • A window blind is a type of window covering which is made with slats of fabric, wood, plastic or metal that adjust by rotating from an open position to a closed position by allowing slats to overlap. A roller blind does not have slats but comprises a single piece of material.

  • Confuse or overawe someone with something difficult to understand

blinds on line - Primos The

Primos The Escape Deluxe Blind

Primos The Escape Deluxe Blind

The Escape Delux features a 77-Inch shooting width and a 75-Inch standing height and weighs 17-Pound. The Escape Delux also features one set of shoot through Mesh Windows.

Designed to provide grassland concealment, the Escape Deluxe Blind from Primos offers weather-resistant construction and maximum camouflage even in open areas. The Escape Deluxe Blind is constructed to last of 600-denier polyurethane-backed polyester with a Matrix camo pattern that blends in with grasses and other foliage. The inside lining of the blind is Phantom Pro dark black to eliminate game-spooking shadows. In addition, large light/scent flaps line the bottom of the blind for additional concealment. Thanks to 12 large windows designed for use with a rifle or bow, and a roof opening, the Escape Deluxe offers plenty of visibility. The blind also includes one set of shoot-through mesh windows and features a full seam zippered entrance with zipper access both from inside and outside of the blind. Designed to provide larger hunters and multiple hunters with greater comfort, the Escape Deluxe Blind has a standup height of 75 inches/6.25 feet and a shooting width of 77 inches.
Features and Specifications:
Matrix Camo pattern
Water-resistant 600-denier polyurethane-backed polyester fabric
Phantom Pro dark black lining
Large scent/tight flaps line the blind's bottom
Full seam zippered entrance
Interior and exterior accessible zippers
One large roof opening
One set of shoot through mesh windows
12 Large view windows designed for easy access with a gun or bow
77-inch shooting width
75-inch stand-up height
Weighs: 17 pounds

88% (5)

Lines and more lines

Lines and more lines

Liney stuff on the patio looked cool in the shade. Taken with a Mamiya 645 AF, on Kodak T-max 100. The "Cutout" filter in Photoshop helped make it look like this.

Semi-blind contour 2

Semi-blind contour 2

Silk flower, semi blind. I did this one in my own sketchbook, trying to focus on varying line thickness and pressure.

blinds on line

blinds on line

Porta-Nail 421P Pneumatic Floor Nailer with Both Line Nailer Shoe and Face Nailer Shoe

Preferred seating system; Designed for nailing 1/2" - 33/32" flooring; Set up for 3/4" only; Pneumatic version of PNI's original Hammerhead; Easily converts to a face nailer by simply changing the shoe; Mallet activated to ensure the tightest floor possible; Ruggedly built to provide durability throughout years of use; Holds up to 150 2" T Porta-Nails; Both angle and face nails; Air Filtration; Two year limited warranty; Requires 4.6 CFM @100PSI for optimum performance; Includes carrying case; Safety: 1) prevent accidental firing 2) can impact the tool without firing to draw flooring boards tight

If you invented the perfect hardwood flooring nailer, you’d make one tool for both face and tongue nailing, pneumatic power, superior fasteners, a generous magazine and flexibility for different flooring thicknesses.
Porta-Nails beat you to it. With a simple hardware change (two nuts and a screw), the 421P becomes a face nailer or angle nailer, saving you time and exertion on those first and last few rows of face-nailed flooring and speeding you through the rest of the installation. Connected to a compressor, the 421P needed only a squeeze of the safety trigger and light mallet blow to pneumatically drive the 2-inch serrated nails through the tongue and into the subfloor. Porta-Nails’ exclusive "ratcheting ram" doesn’t return to the start position until the fastener is properly seated, so you know every nail you drive is doing its job. You’ll want to adjust your pressure to get just the right countersink before going ahead with your project, but be sure not to exceed 110 psi.
If the nailer should jam, clearing is quick and easy, because you don’t have to remove the shoe to open the latch clip. Fasteners load easily, and the magazine holds 200 2-inch nails, so you spend more time installing and less time reloading. We liked the fact that the shoe bases are all non-marring, and the rubber mallet is capped, too, to prevent marking your flooring.
There’s really only one mistake you can make with this nailer, and that’s to work too hard. You’ll be tempted as we were to grip the nailer tightly and really give it a good hit, but trust us: You’ll get far better results by relaxing your stance and delivering a comfortable blow to the ram.
It’s easy enough for the first-time home do-it-yourselfer to install a floor and save a bundle on labor costs, and the professional will use it on every hardwood installation job. Definitely worth the investment.--Kris Jensen-Van Heste

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