Sheer Outdoor Drapes. Buy Roller Shade

Sheer Outdoor Drapes

sheer outdoor drapes

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sheer outdoor drapes - Outdoor Gazebo

Outdoor Gazebo Patio Drapes Tangerine "Sheer" (59"X84") (2) Panels

Outdoor Gazebo Patio Drapes Tangerine "Sheer" (59"X84") (2) Panels

Special Price only $49.93.... Creating Outdoor Living Space has become the Biggest Trend in Home Entertaining, its the perfect place to entertain guest, hold parties or simply relax after a long day..Now you can achieve a custom designer look inexpensively and effortlessly by simply adding drapes..Transform your backyard..Add a "WOW" of color to your Outdoors, while adding instant Privacy and Shade without blocking the breeze..Design an Elegant look, Tropical, Fun, Cozy or Resort Style Cabana..Create a Tranquil Oasis... (All Beautiful and easy to hang!)... For those of you who already have a Gazebo, OR, are thinking about getting one....Here's a fast and Inexpensive way to instantly Add color, Wow your friends and make your back yard or Patio area "Burst with color" .... How?.. Simple!.... Remember those old tan boring drapes and netting that came with your gazebo when you bought them?...Why not remove them? Take them down.. they add Nothing to your gazebo, patio or entertainment area. Now select any one of the gazebo drapes "Patio Pizazz" has to offer. WHY NOT go with our "Florida Keys" Collection...Whichever you choose, there simple to hang, there INEXPENSIVE and they are FABULOUS! Colorful drapes will not only transform the look of your gazebo but your entire outdoor space. You Receive (2) 59" x 84" single panels.. total width 118" wide x 84" long..(only $49.93).. adding extra panels will make for much fuller and flowing drapes.. Tie-Top panels let you hang anywhere you want to create your own space.. Why not add a rich, luxurious look and Elegance to your Gazebo or entertainment area? Tip: To create this Beautiful Gazebo look, you'll need to purchase (8) Tangerine sets and 10ft. x 10ft. gazebo.

87% (15)

Guatemala S90-091217-034

Guatemala S90-091217-034

Boat trip on Rio Dulce, a roughly thirty-kilometre journey from Livingston to Rio Dulce town. The river passes through a system of gorges with sheer, 100-metre-high rock faces draped in tropical vegetation and cascading vines.

Tent Draping and Lighting

Tent Draping and Lighting

Here, our Special Event designers covered the support poles with sheer fabric and led lights. The Prop Factory of Boston can transform your dream outdoor tent event into reality.

sheer outdoor drapes

sheer outdoor drapes

UV-Resistant 84"L Outdoor Sheer Grommet Drape

UV-Resistant 84"L Outdoor Sheer Grommet Drape. Our Outdoor Grommet Drape will add a little shade and a lot of atmosphere to your porch or patio. Woven from weather-resistant, 100% spun polyester in cool, neutral fabrics, drapes are now available in sheers. Slide the drape smoothly on its stainless steel grommets to block out sun. Imported. Outdoor curtain panels Easy-care, UV-resistant polyester won't fade or mildew Blocks harmful UV rays Stainless steel grommets won't rust Durable and long-lasting Available Colors Gold Stripe Red Stripe Sizes Individual panels are 50"W Care Sheers - dry clean only

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